Bringing quality craft cannabis to market

True Leaf Brands Inc.

Target Raise $5,000,000 ($10M max limit)

Offering Memorandum | 40 cents per unit
Minimum Investment $1,000
Unit = common share + ½ warrant

*For US Accredited investors only

What is Craft Cannabis?


  • Small batches
  • Hang-dried
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Slow cured
  • Packaged with care


  • Quality nutrients
  • High terpene profile
  • Maximum THC percentage
  • High cannabinoid profile
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Free of pesticides & fungicides


  • Generations of knowledge
  • Grown by micro-cultivators
  • Time and dedication
  • Community effort


The Opportunity

Disrupt Canada’s cannabis industry.

Today’s consumers have a strong preference for craft-grown cannabis. They are disappointed in the result of legalization in 2018 – retail markets flooded with low-quality, over-priced, and often irradiated cannabis.

True Leaf is solving the problem by collaborating with B.C.’s craft growers to bring quality cannabis to the regulated market. 

We’re celebrating B.C.’s rich history of growing the best cannabis – the world-renowned ‘B.C. Bud’ – by giving micro-cultivators a new pathway to the regulated market.

Darcy Bomford

CEO, True Leaf Brands

*For US Accredited investors only

Consumers will risk the unregulated market to get what they want.

The Problem

There’s a lack of quality cannabis in the regulated market.

“You can’t give away mid-range THC product for a buck now. The market has become much more sophisticated, following what the consumers are demanding.”

BNN Bloomberg, Jan 2021

The retail market is flooded with low-to-mid quality cannabis

It’s expensive relative to quality

It’s not fresh, and often irradiated

The Solution

A new pathway to market for craft cannabis.

Our mission is to champion the craft cannabis community by providing the services they need and a legal route to market.





Consumers prefer premium, craft grown cannabis.



True Leaf’s licensed facility and team are ready to bring quality craft cannabis to market.


Together, let’s capture market share from the multi-billion-dollar unregulated market and give consumers what they want.

True Leaf’s planned services hub represents an exciting opportunity for the craft cannabis community here in B.C. This innovative model provides micro-cultivators with an opportunity to collaborate with True Leaf to bring product to market faster – with less cost and complexity along the way – and thrive in today’s cannabis industry. It’s a true seed-to-shelf solution that empowers the entire community to grow!

Andrew Gordon

CCO, The Entourage Collective | Founding Member, BC Craft Farmers Co-op

Innovative Business Model

True Leaf’s business model zeroes in on an enormous opportunity – the multi-billion-dollar market now served by unregulated growers.

I fully back True Leaf’s choice to support B.C.’s craft cannabis industry. True Leaf will not only offer fair financial, processing, testing, packaging, marketing services but also create opportunities to access True Leaf’s 40 acres Lumby-based industrial zoned lands for regulated cannabis activities.

Mike Harcourt

Chair, True Leaf Board of Directors

Okanagan’s first cannabis business park

EU-GMP built facility

True Leaf’s first-of-its-kind cannabis hub includes a 19,500 square foot two-story facility built to meet strict EU-GMP requirements for future exports.

Licensed producer

True Leaf holds Health Canada licenses for Standard Processing, Standard Cultivation and Medical Sales. We are currently cultivating our first batch of cannabis and preparing an amendment for a retail sales license, which we hope to receive from Health Canada in the fall of 2021.

Partner-focused path to market

True Leaf will offer a full suite of seed-to-shelf solutions for micro-cultivators:

  • Quality assurance and regulatory compliance support.
  • High-speed packaging lines for 3.5-gram glass jars and pre-rolls.
  • Progress payments and bonus incentives.
  • Nursery to supply consistent genetics and free up grow capacity.
  • Potential product placements through the company’s sales channels.

    Proprietary True Tier™ quality assurance system

    True Leaf has developed a proprietary quality assurance system which we believe will help micro-cultivators reach the new gold standard of production required to exceed Health Canada’s protocols.


      Team of legacy growers and quality assurance experts

      Micro-cultivators will have the opportunity to work with second-generation legacy grower Adin Tetz and industry expert Tom Smale throughout their path to market.

      National distribution

      True Leaf’s distribution agreement with Velvet Management provides True Leaf with access to 40+ sales representatives who call on every regulated cannabis retailer in Canada (currently over 1,600) and have key relationships with provincial cannabis distribution boards and multi-store chain buyers nationwide.


      Limited Release Strategy

      Small batches of craft flower are released five times per year

      Batches are split into 'limited product releases’ nationwide

      Scarcity helps to support pricing and build demand

      Focusing on small-batch craft supply is a perfect strategy that feeds into consumer demand and our distribution model.

      Vianney Aubrecht

      President, Velvet Management

      *For US Accredited investors only

      Path to Profit

      True Leaf is taking a conservative approach with a focus on lean management structure and leveraging capital.

      Cannabis Stocks Are At a Low Point

      The cannabis industry is still in its absolute infancy – but it has already weathered an aggressive ‘correction’ period and appears to be poised for a new stage of sustained growth as support for legalization grows around the globe.

      The Canadian Marijuana Index: 

      Use of Funds

      Based on a successful raise of $5M, the use of proceeds will be split as follows:

      Leadership Team

      Mike Harcourt

      Mike Harcourt

      Chair, True Leaf Board of Directors

      Former Premier of British Columbia and Mayor of Vancouver

      Darcy Bomford

      Darcy Bomford

      Director & CEO

      True Leaf founder and industry veteran

      Jennifer Pace, CPA, MBA

      Jennifer Pace, CPA, MBA


      20 years of financial reporting excellence

      Investment Highlights

      • True Leaf is ready to create a first-of-its-kind craft cannabis hub.  
      • Join our innovative, limited-time private placement crowdfunding usually only offered to accredited investors. 
      • Celebrate the legacy of B.C. craft cannabis by helping craft growers enter the regulated market.
      • Give consumers what they want: small batch, premium craft-grown cannabis. 
      • It’s a massive opportunity: secure market share from the multi-billion-dollar unregulated market.
      • Our offering is perfectly timed with cannabis stocks down from 2018 peaks and poised for growth.
      • Benefit from True Leaf’s diverse business model: product, services, and real estate revenues.

        A Grass Roots Investment Opportunity

        By bringing quality craft cannabis to legal distribution channels, True Leaf is pointing the way to the future of the industry.

        True Leaf Brands Inc.

        Target Raise $5,000,000 ($10M max limit)

        Offering Memorandum | 40 cents per unit
        Minimum Investment $1,000
        Unit = common share + ½ warrant

        *For US Accredited investors only